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Brian Gordon is a Canadian singer-songwriter from the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario Canada.

Brian has not only spent his life writing and recording, but also now spends his time performing at a number of different types of venues. And not only the types you'd expect.


Whether its performing his original music, or playing popular favourites, you can find Brian regularly at:

Restaurants - Pub Nights - Festivals - Craft Breweries

Weddings - Corporate Events - Family Celebrations

Long-Term Care Facilities - Retirement Communities - Hospitals - Day Programs

For more info on Brian's music program for seniors, please visit

About the song "One More Page" (Something Ever After)


John Mann, Spirit Of The West

"I am deeply moved by your song. is beautiful. As a fellow songwriter I also must tell you that this tune is awesome. I can't claim that this is the best song you've ever written because I haven't heard your entire canon but this is one of those songs that has a real emotional impact that will hit many people for many different reasons. ...this song could be mega. It is fabulous."    ~ John Mann (Spirit of The West)

Original Works

Who is Brian Gordon?

Brian Gordon is a Canadian singer/songwriter who loves to entertain audiences no matter where they are.

Brian has been writing, recording, and touring his music for almost 25 years.  He has recorded multiple records with band mates, touring across Canada.  He has played for festivals, clubs, churches, schools, restaurants and private house concerts.  Most recently, Brian has discovered a new passion.  There has been much news lately surrounding the therapeutic affects of music on seniors; specifically with those who suffer from Alzheimer's Disease.  For those living in their senior years, music from their youth can breathe life into their days.  Brian can be found performing standards from the 20s and 30s, through to the 50's & 60's in retirement & nursing homes throughout the Greater Toronto Area. You can find more info on Songs For Life here.

Brian released his first solo project, "Everywhere's The Sun", back in 2008.  Since then, he has been playing shows and spending time in the studio recording his brand new recording, "The Something Ever After EP".  This recording is a beautifully diverse sampling of his original modern folk/country stylings.  This record is all acoustic, all authentic, and all Canadian.

The Something Ever After EP was recorded and produced by Juno nominated producer Timothy Abraham (Enter The Haggis, Valery Gore, Peter Katz, Grand Analog, Nine Mile).  The 6-song record is available now at online music retailers, including iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and can also be purchased from this website.

To purchase The Something Ever After EP, click here.


In The Beginning...

Brian Gordon got his start in music by writing a song called "Promises" for a local church presentation, which soon became the winner of a talent competition, bringing Brian to perform the song live in front of thousands in the stadium of Queen's University. He also performed that same song on the Ontario Place Forum stage, along with a gospel choir. Next, he wrote a song for his high school graduating class, called "Memories of Today". After recording a demo cassette of those two songs (and 3 others), and selling out them much quicker than anticipated, Brian decided to make a go of music.

Brian, along with fellow musician Steve Leitner, joined with other local musicians to form a band that would eventually be known as RISE. Still having some ties to his roots in the church, RISE was a fusion of pseudo-celtic acoustic pop rock, and spiritual overtones - largely songs about searching for meaning, and some about finding it.

After releasing their first CD entitled "becoming" in 1996, Brian Gordon & Jason Bowman (drums) merged with another southern Ontario rock outfit (Lost Coin) members Rick Bailey (guitar) & Jon Hartley (bass). Lost Coin had a harder rock edge than RISE had previously. Brian Gordon remained the primary songwriter, and also co-wrote with Rick Bailey.

As the new RISE outfit, they won first place in an Eclipse Records Bandwarz competition and being placed in track one of the prize compilation CD in 1997. RISE went on to produce 3 more full length CDs. "Stuck" from 1998 was their best selling CD. "Above All The Noise" was released in 2000. "Light Of Day" was released in 2006. The last recording consisted of Brian Gordon, Rick Bailey, Chris Kimmerer (drums/percussion) and Steve Dorrepaal (bass/acoustic guitars).

Over the bands lifespan, they performed hundreds of shows, and toured east to Halifax, and west to Saskatoon in their own private tour bus, performing on Breakfast Television, and appearing in coffee shops, church halls, festivals and college pub stages across the country.

When Brian decided (after years of talking about it) to actually record a solo project, RISE bandmate Rick Bailey helped him record his initial collection of songs. These songs harkened back to the days of his 'pseudo-celtic' roots. "Everywhere's The Sun" was released in November 2008.

Since then, Brian has released a 6-song EP titled "Something Ever After".  Brian can be found performing his music at festivals and halls, as well as spending his time and efforts entertaining seniors with music from their youth.  If you would like to make a donation towards his latest efforts, please click the link below... and THANKS!

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