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Over many years, my performances have taken me into the lives of thousands of individuals. Many of whom live with various forms of dementia, and often this comes in the form of what we know as 'Alzheimer Disease'.


Having spoken to many caregivers, I've heard individuals tell me that even worse than losing your own memory, perhaps, is having your loved ones losing their memory of you.


For those who are living with this disease, music truly is a unique and fantastic tool, allowing individuals to temporarily, but very authentically, bridge their 'here and now' with memories of the past.  It somehow has the ability to bring individuals out of a 'stale' state back into an animated one.

I'm just fortunate to be a part of bringing this music to those who need it most. To steal a sentiment from Helen Keller: I can't do everything. But what I can do, I will do.


Remember to care.  Care to remember.

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